“Alexander the Great with his family are buried in the royal tombs of Vergina” 2017, Greek edition

A long-term study of historical sources, the tomb buildings and the burial artefacts at Vergina, Greece reverses a historical error of facts concerning the identity of the dead kings at Vergina.

This study consists of a detailed description and historically documented correlation of the findings of the tombs (shield, breastplate, helmet, sword, diadem e.t.c.) which one by one in combination with the mural of the hunting scene of the tomb II of Vergina, reveal their relation with Alexander the Great.

The book also contains many details from historical sources about the life as well as the fate of the remains of Alexander the Great and leads to the conclusion that Alexander with his wife Roxanne and his son Alexander IV have been reburied after 274b.C under the reign of Antigonus Gonatas, in the royal tombs of Vergina.

The book contains also many pictures, diagrams and maps which help the reader to follow the analysis and the conclusions of the writer.